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Understand the pluggable architecture powering Terrascan

Terrascan’s architecture is built to be modular to facilitate adding IaC languages and policies. At a high level Terrascan is composed of the following architectural components: a command line interface, API server, runtime, pluggable IaC providers, pluggable policy engine, notifier, and writer.

  • Command Line Interface = Provides CLI input to Terrascan.
  • API Server = Provides input to Terrascan through an API.
  • Runtime = Performs input validation and process inputs
  • IaC Providers = Converts IaC language into normalized JSON
  • Policy Engine = Applies policies against normalized JSON
  • Notifier = Provides webhooks for results of Terrascan scans.
  • Writer = Writes results into various formats like JSON, YAML, or XML.

Terrascan architecture