A growing list of guides on integrating Terrascan with different tools in the software development lifecycle.

Terrascan can be integrated into many tools in the development pipeline. When integrated into a tool, vulnerability scanning is automated as part of the commit or build process. It can run on a developer’s laptop, a SCM (e.g. GitHub), and CI\CD servers (e.g. ArgoCD and Jenkins). It also has a built in Admission Controller for Kubernetes.

Please see the following guides for integrating Terrascan in different use cases. If the product you want to integrate with is not listed, do not fret. Terrascan supports many output formats (YAML, JSON, XML, JUNIT-XML and SARIF) to suit the variety of tools in the ecosystem. For example, it’s straightforward to integrate with Jenkins using the JUNIT-XML format.

Go to the Usage page for more details.

Community Guides and Blogs:

Our Integration Guides:

Kubernetes Admission Controller

Configure Terrascan as a Kubernetes Admission Controller

Argo CD

Terrascan can be configured as an Argo CD job during the application sync process using ArgoCD’s resource hook.

Atlantis PR Automation

Atlantis is a pull request automation system designed to control Terraform execution from Github commits.

GitHub and GitLab

Terrascan can be integrated into popular source code repositories

Pre-commit hook

Integrating Terrascan with Pre-commit to detect vulnerabilities in your IaC before you commit them.

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